Tree climbing

Why choose TruRoots

As certified, experienced and educated arborists we believe trees are treasures and we are their guardians. We started this business based on these beliefs. We have always hired only the best and brightest people who share our passion for excellence for trees and the landscapes entrusted in our care.


We are always improving as arborists. We are aware of new diseases, insects, tools, and techniques to give you a better value.

Superior Service

When we say rooted to perfection we mean it. Very few trees are getting pruned correctly today. We strive to help educate our customers on arbor care. We match our arborists with the trees that they are best suited for. Tree pruning can be a very important job, especially when it comes to the health of the tree. We take the time to ensure that our pruning is done to perfection.


At TruRoots our community roots run deep. We live here, we work here, we raise our families here. We see our customers in the grocery store, at the gym, and at church. Our reputation for exceeding your expectations is our number one priority.


When you consult with TruRoots Arborscape, you have direct access to the owner of the company. He is actively involved with every job site in assuring we deliver exceptional results.


Arborist/Loggers have the most dangerous trade in the U.S. today. The overall average is around two hundred fatalities a year. TruRoots operates according to the ANSIZ-133 standards for safety in tree care. On our job sites you will see properly maintained equipment, hardhats, safety glasses, logging boots, and chainsaw chaps.

Fully Insured

TruRoots has an excellent safety record and carries full insurance. Should an accident occur you, as a homeowner, will not be held liable for any resulting injuries or damages. Please request a certificate at any time.

Competitive Pricing

The saying “you get what you pay for” is no different in the tree profession. Many people offering low prices are inexperienced, uninsured, or non-licensed. Low quality of work will forex trading couse always attract lower prices. We offer genuine value to our customers. Our prices are competitive and combined with our level of service and expertise. You won’t find a better investment.